We offer storage in our warehouse facility in On Nut, Bangkok. The warehouse is located in the east of Bangkok near the Suvarnabhumi airport. The cargo can be stored for long or short terms and we are flexible to consolidate and sort your cargo. Together with our prep and freight service, this provides an all-around service for all your logistic needs.

With our extensive global presence and a well-connected network, we boast well-equipped facilities capable of managing your supply chain, whether it’s at the starting point or the final destination. When you integrate shipping with our warehousing and distribution services, you’ll enjoy a seamless, all-encompassing solution, reducing the need for multiple logistics providers. This simplifies operations, enhancing your speed, control, and visibility.

Our strategically located warehouses, closely linked to your sourcing regions, enable us to consolidate materials and products prior to export. This aids in streamlining your inland transportation and optimizing container loads for more efficient operations.



We make sure your cargo is safely stored in our facility.


We check each cargo that arrives at our warehouse thoroughly.


We are flexible with handling and storing your cargo.


Our support is always available to help you with any inbound or outbound operation.