Sea Freight

Sea Freight is a cost-efficient method of transporting large quantities of goods using carrier ships. Our company, with over a decade of experience and dedication, has become an expert in sea cargo services, especially in deliveries directly to Amazon FBA. Our professional and experienced staff can handle shipments of any size, whether it’s a less than container load (LCL), or full container load (FCL). We provide efficient and reliable services tailored to our customers’ needs, thanks to our worldwide network, reliable partners, and close relationships with shipping lines.

Thailand, strategically located at the heart of Southeast Asia, relies on sea freight as a vital mode of transportation, connecting the country to the rest of the world. Serving as a gateway to the region, Thailand offers crucial links to major shipping lanes and ports in Asia and USA. With a strong network of ports, well-developed logistics infrastructure, and comprehensive shipping services, the country is fully equipped to meet the increasing demand for sea freight. Sea freight plays a pivotal role in Thailand’s economy and trade, facilitating exports, imports, and enabling businesses to expand their reach to global markets while providing consumers access to a diverse range of goods and products.

In today’s interconnected world, the challenges of handling paperwork, permits, and regulations have grown significantly. However, our expertise is here to alleviate these burdens. We not only assist in streamlining your paperwork processes but also ensure cost savings and minimize any potential delays in the transportation of your goods and cargo. Leave the complexities of Export and Import to us, and you can relax while we handle the logistics seamlessly, awaiting the arrival of your shipment.

Sending sea freight cargo directly to Amazon FBA provides the lowest costs, but requires following all Amazon cargo specifications, having all Amazon labels attached in advance, and a lot of coordination between the carrier and Amazon FBA to ensure that the cargo arrival and FBA delivery appointment is timed perfectly to avoid any costly late penalties and storage fees.

Full Container Load (FCL)

Full Container Load (FCL) is a popular choice for larger companies seeking efficient and cost-effective container transport services. When opting for FCL, the entire container is exclusively utilized by a single sender or recipient, ensuring maximum control and security. This transport option is particularly suitable for transporting substantial loads that may not fully occupy the container’s surface or capacity. By purchasing the entire container, regardless of size, we guarantee the necessary space and offer a seamless solution for oversized shipments. Choose FCL for your large-scale transportation needs and experience reliable and dedicated container transport services. For FCL you have to option between 20″ and 40″ container sizes.

LCL (Less Container Load)

The LCL (Less Container Load) service, also known as general cargo, is an optimal choice for transporting smaller quantities of goods. With LCL, we utilize only a portion of the container, sharing the available space with shipments from other companies. It is a preferred option among entrepreneurs involved in smaller imports, especially when purchasing small batches of goods at different times and locations. Typically, this transport method is suitable for loads weighing up to 12 tons.fcl vs lcl

The cost of LCL freight is determined by both the weight and volume of the shipment. For this type of transportation, the port of departure is a consolidation warehouse responsible for loading goods from various recipients into a single container, which is then dispatched to the destination port. It’s important to note that the waiting period for LCL shipments is typically around two weeks longer compared to FCL (Full Container Load) services.

By utilizing the LCL service, you can benefit from cost-effective shipping solutions for smaller quantities of goods while sharing container space with other shipments. Contact us to optimize your transportation needs with our reliable LCL service.

Which type is better for you?

It depends on the dimension of your cargo. For cargo below 10-15 CBM it’s often cheaper to send by LCL while for cargo above that a full container is often the cheaper choice.
Also, the consolidation and de-consolidation of LCL cargo takes time and adds around 5-8 days when sending and receiving the cargo.



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